Odawara Engineering Co., Ltd. (say as “Our company” hereafter) recognizes protection management of personal information to be social duty of the company, and our company protects the personal information according to the following privacy policies and will meet social trust.

1.About acquisition of personal information

When our company acquires personal information, we observe laws and ordinances and acquire it by legitimate and fair means in duties accomplishment in a necessary range.

2.About usage of personal information

When our company uses the personal information, we identify the using purpose and use it as far as it is necessary for the achievement of the use purpose. We shall obtain its consent about the use unless laws and ordinances have regulation when it is necessary to use personal information out of the range.

3.About management of personal information

Our company takes rational safety measures, precaution and corrective action to prevent unjust access to, loss, destruction, manipulation and leak of the personal information, and we manage appropriately for the personal information collected.

4.About deposition of personal information and offer to a third party

Our company does not offer personal information to the third party without obtain the person’s consent beforehand or unless laws and ordinances have a regulation. In addition, when our company deposits personal information to a third party in a range necessary for achievement of use purpose, the content limits it to the necessary range and performs appropriate supervision for offer.

5.About disclosure, correction, suspension, deletion of the personal information

When there is request such as disclosure, correction, suspension, the deletion of the personal information, our company confirms that it is the person, and our company copes appropriately and immediately.

6.About compliance program and continuous improvement

Our company performs education for a person doing employment in office, enforcement of the domestic inspection to carry out the handling thoroughly appropriately, and the legal compliance acts of personal information for continuous improvement of the compliance program.

President and Representative Director
保科 雅彦