Odawara Engineering Co., Ltd. (say as “Our company” hereafter) observes security policy as follows that makes sure of security and reliability of information assets and meets trust with customer, business partner and society.


Our company is intended general, to secure a standard of information security, systematically and continuously.

2.Applicable range

This security policy applies to our all executives and employees.

3.Compliance for laws and ordinances

Our company observes laws and ordinances about the information security, a rule, industry guidelines, other regulation and our company rule.

4.Action guideline

Recording medium (paper document, electronic data, hardware, etc.) of the information, software, system and service assume it information assets regardless of tangible and intangible, and do that as being reserved as secrecy, integrity, the availability with the action guideline.


Our company executives and employees understand importance of the information security and carry out necessary education and enlightenment to handle information assets appropriately.

6.Prevention and correction

We carry out prevention measures to protect our customer and our information assets from anti-various risks to know for information security. In addition, we carry out correction measures immediately when the outbreak of an unanticipated risk and the information security accident occur.

7.Continual improvement

Our company evaluates effectiveness of the information security, and manages examination, review, use of measures for information security maintenance and improves it continuously.